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Travis McGee #2: Nightmare in Pink

In John D. McDonald’s second Travis McGee book his protagonist travels to New York at the behest of an old army buddy to investigate the murder of his kid-sister’s fiancé. Authorities say it was a standard mugging. The kid sister isn’t so sure. Her fiancé was digging around at a crooked investment real estate company…

Travis leaves Florida for this book and the action largely takes place in New York, which I was kind of annoyed at because I wanted a Florida adventure. But the book still delivers a solid adventure, culminating in Travis’ nightmare in pink. When hallucinogenic drugs are pumped into his bloodstream and he has to figure out how to escape and beat the bad guys.

Okay, so here’s the thing. I nosed around the internet and found that Nightmare in Pink wasn’t one of the favorites. It is still good. But McDonald still seems to be finding the direction for the series. I still suggest reading it, especially if you want to see the series develop in sequential order, which I think is the best way to read it.

Keep in mind that McDonald wrote the first three books of the McGee series in quick succession and released one a month for three months. I feel after that the series does a better job finding it’s voice.

So please, don’t be scared away from reading this book! It is still good! It just takes place in New York instead of Florida. It is an important book in the series and I will tell you this: you will remember this one. And isn’t that what some of the best books do?

Quotable Travis McGee: Wickedness is hurting people on purpose.

nightmare in pink 1

One of the older covers

One of the older covers


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