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The Shriner Circus is an annual event in Tampa, hosted by the Shriners, a fraternity best known for the Shriner’s Hospitals for Children, red fezzes, and driving mini-cars in parades.

I went to the 51st annual Shriner Circus in Tampa, which was in 2016. I was able to get myself and my family in for $25.00 by taking advantage of the Walgreens deal. Basically, local Walgreens stores partnered up with the circus and sold half price tickets. If it wasn’t for that the circus would have been too expensive for me. It’s unknown at the time of this writing if this is a deal that will continue with future Shriner Circuses.

The circus was held at the Florida State Fairgrounds and the first thing I noticed when arriving were the tall giraffes. For a few extra bucks we could feed them. I couldn’t resist!

I’m laughing in the below picture because giraffes have very long, vine-like tongues that just swoop out at you to grab the food that you have.

Shriners-Circus-TampaHere’s my wife and baby daughter taking a turn:

Tampa-Bay-ShrinersMy son was able to feed the giraffes too. He also took a try at feeding the zebra:

Zebra-Tampa-ShrinersHere’s the giraffes just walking around a bit:

Giraffes-Shriners-TampaOnce we were inside we were treated to an epic, old-style feeling circus, complete with dirt bikes in a cage, a motorcycle racing on a tightrope, dog tricks and more. The place was packed and I had a great time and want to go again. This is something that I highly recommend for the Tampa Bay locals to check out, plus, the ticket sales support a good cause!




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