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Swaptember Is Coming Back Into Town

Lowry Park Zoo, MOSI, and The Florida Aquarium are once again participating in the popular “Swaptember” program. Pass holders of any of the aforementioned facilities will be able to use their passes to get in for free from September 1-30!

That means a Lowry Park Zoo annual pass holder (like myself!) will be able to use the zoo pass to get into MOSI and The Florida Aquarium for free. A pretty good deal and a great way to spend weekends in September if you ask me.

I previously wrote an article about strategies to use for Swaptember; and I’m sticking to it. The main point of the article is that you should get your fill of the other two places that you normally don’t go to and that it would be silly to eventually break down and spend money on tickets other times of the year because you didn’t end up getting your fill. So I will tour MOSI and The Florida Aquarium twice each over the course of September in order to get my fill. Also, you might want to consider checking out the S.S. Victory Museum which is anchored right behind the aquarium.

There are a few predictable restrictions governing Swaptember which can be viewed here on the Lowry Park Zoo website. The main one is a reminder that you have to pay for parking at MOSI and at the Aquarium.

Lowry Park Zoo Website

MOSI Website

The Florida Aquarium Website

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