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Welcome to The Florida Explorer.

My name is Austin and this blog is all about exploring Florida on the cheap. I love going on amazing trips all around Florida and I also love to figure out how to do those amazing trips as effectively as possible.

So, at the core of this blog you find this formula:

Amazing Florida Trips + Travel Hacking = Spectacular Experiences

I will share the coolest things I can find and I will share my best strategies for doing it all on the cheap.

I live in the Tampa area so most of the focus is around there, but I do hope that as this blog gains steam I’ll have the means to stretch my exploring a bit further on a more regular basis. I’m a Busch Gardens regular and even wrote a guidebook about it which I am very proud of: The Florida Explorer’s Guide To Busch Gardens. Please check it out if you plan on taking a tour of Busch Gardens.

Check back to the site often for the latest deals, as I regularly scour the web for the best available deals and post them here on the blog.

In the meantime, thanks for stopping by and I hope you become a regular around here!