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Yup, that’s right, FL teachers! You get a pass with unlimited entry to SeaWorld Orlando! Let’s look at the details.

Here’s the Deal:

Florida teachers get a complimentary SeaWorld Florida Teacher Card. The card is good for unlimited entry to the park through August 31, 2018. To qualify, you must be an active and certified K-12 teacher.

How To Redeem:

Go to the Official SeaWorld Orlando Website (that link will bring you directly to the SeaWorld Teacher Card page) and follow the directions on the page. You will need to create an ID.me account. ID.me requires your Department of Education (DOE) number to set up an account, so make sure you have that ready. If you don’t know what your ID number is, go to http://app4.fldoe.org/edcert/Certification_Status.aspx to look it up.

After you get verified you will need to go back to SeaWorld’s website to complete the ticketing. Then they will email you the voucher. Take the voucher to SeaWorld in person with your ID and you will be given the pass. Yeah!

Anything Else?

I noticed that parking is not mentioned anywhere when I was reading about the Teacher Card, which leads me to believe that you will have to pay for that. Parking usually costs around $20. If you are a private school teacher you probably don’t have a DOE number, so if you get a letter from your principal on the school letter head + a recent paystub you will get hooked up. You can read more about that and a bunch of other stuff at the Teacher Card FAQs on the SeaWorld website.

Well, there you go! Thank you teachers for all your hard work and enjoy your SeaWorld card!

Also, don’t forget to read about the Preschool Card which I wrote about here.

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