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SeaWorld Orlando Announces Preschool Pass For 2018 Season!

Yes! It’s back! The SeaWorld Preschool Card! FREE admission for FL residents ages 5 and under!

Here’s the Deal:

SeaWorld is once again offering the Preschool Card, this time for the 2018 season. The Preschool pass allows free, unlimited entry to SeaWorld Orlando for the entire 2018 season. To be eligible, children must be Florida residents and must be ages 5 and under.

Here’s how to get it:

First, go here (SeaWorld Orlando website) and register your child. This offer is not available at the gate so you MUST register your child online. You will then be emailed a voucher. Take the voucher (either on your smart phone or print it out) to the SeaWorld ticket counter with the child’s birth certificate or passport. Also, be sure to have your Florida ID too. After that, they will provide you with a 2018 Preschool Card!

Please Note: When you go to the SeaWorld website, you will have to add the pass to your cart and checkout like you normally would if you were making a purchase; however, the final cost will be $0.00. There are no tricks. No hidden fees.

Anything Else?

Why, yes there is…this deal is only available through May 13, 2018. Kids 2 and under are already free at SeaWorld and they do not require a ticket; however, if your child will be turning 3 at any point in 2018 you better get the pass now so you don’t end up paying for one later. If your child turns 6 during 2018, that’s okay, the pass will still be valid for the entire 2018 season–just as long as you get the pass BEFORE they turn 6.

Well, that’s it and I hope you are able to take advantage of this deal! There’s still no word from Busch Gardens if they will be offering a 2018 Preschool Card too. They did last year, but they have not announced anything yet. The latest rumors says Busch Gardens will not be making this offering…but those are only rumors. So, here’s to hoping!

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