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Post Card Inn on St. Pete Beach

My wife and I decided we wanted to be beach bums for a couple of days. We went all out and actually got a room on the beach, which is a rare occurrence, usually we just make the hour long trip to and from our apartment. But it kind of really, really sucks in some ways to be forced to commute to the beach, especially when you have a kid that you have to somehow figure out how to work in a naptime. It gets difficult, but with a room! Ah, we can hit up the beach in the morning, head in for drinks and a nap, and go back out for the sunset. Life is so much better this way.

So after scouring various hotel websites, we came across the Post Card Inn. It had a much cheaper going rate than many of the other hotels in the area and it seemed really fun. So we booked the room for about $100 for a night.

First impression–it reminded of a hostel from my European backpacking days. It was old, yet charming. It had character. Upon entering, you are greeted by cement floor, modernist furniture, decorative surf boards, and a huge bookshelf stretching along one of the walls with tons of titles on art. There was lots to explore and to look at. Beyond the entrance was an inner courtyard, complete with billiards, table tennis, and a fire pit.

There was a large rectangular, old style pool (as opposed to the new pools that have tons of curves in the design), with plenty of lawn chairs lined along the sides. Our room was small but functional. Decorative surfboards adorned in there too. Laminated beach floor. Surf photos on the wall. It was a delightfully beach bum type of room.

We swam in the pool first, even though the weather was on the chilly side. It’s tough to say no to a three year old boy who desperately wants to do jumps into the water. So I swam with him for a while until our lips turned blue. Then we snuggled in the towels and ate snacks. When we warmed up we went to the world-famous St. Pete Beach. It was fairly empty as it was off-season. There were no loud college kid, spring break type of parties going on. It was actually an older, grayer haired crowd than is normally seen on the beach. But it was all fine with me, it meant there was plenty of room to throw a football and to kick a soccer ball.

We ate dinner in the hotel’s restaurant, which was a bar and grill. I ordered a Cuban sandwich. My wife ordered some Post Card Inn specialty sandwich. Both were good. Beer washed them down.

Overall, the Post Card Inn was a very cool place to stay. It had a fun vibe, it was right on the beach, and it was significantly cheaper than most other hotels on the beach. So if you are in the area and are considering a quick little stay, be sure to give the Post Card Inn a look.

P.S. I apologize for the lack of photos. Since I was on a mini-vacation I turned off the phone and put it out of my mind. While this was certainly the correct decision, the downside was that the phone also serves as my camera. But I’m sure a quick Google search will reveal hundreds of Post Card Inn pics.

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