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My Weekend Getaway In Miami

Do you know what one of the coolest things is about having an amazing wife? HOOKUPS. And this time it came in the form of her landing BULLS vs. HEAT tickets, plus a killer deal on a hotel room at a fraction of the sticker price.

Check out this Miami hotel:


Here’s the inside:

IMG_2366 It came with free breakfast too. I know. Can life get any better?

Well, actually it can. Because later in the day after my wonderfully free breakfast, we headed out to Bayside and the American Airlines Arena for the big game. My wife and I were one the few people decked out in Bulls gear (Hey, relax! I’m a lifelong Chicago-homegrown Bulls fan! And it’s not that often I get to break out my official 96′ Bulls Shoot Around Jersey!). It was a crazy awesome experience. BAM!!! The heat of the flames could be felt all the way to the upper deck.


Here’s a shot of the actual game:


The game was great, and hanging and chatting it up with the Heat fans was good fun too. The Bulls ended up getting smoked 93-79. Oh well, it was still a great time. Afterwards we went to the Bayside Mall to grab some grub and participate in the after-game activities. I had alligator meat at one of many dockside restaurants. We also enjoyed watching the million dollar yacht and boat parties come and go from port.



The next day, to close out our trip, we hit up Miami Beach.


Ladies and gentlemen, this is Florida Life and it doesn’t have to be expensive. The more I wander Florida the more I realize I can do amazing things without throwing down wads and wads of cash. There are plenty of ways to get what you want without breaking the bank. I’m convinced that there is no reason to pay full price for 90% of the experiences that are out there. All it takes is a little planning and a little grunt work to find the best deals, and luckily you have me, because my Dutch blood hates paying full price for anything. So, if you want to make your Florida dreams come true, whatever they may be (Disney family vacation, beach bum like a pro, swim with the manatees, deep see fishing, pet a dolphin), I can make that happen. All you have to do is follow my exploits at thefloridaexplorer.com for the latest deals, tips, and advice for all things on Florida adventure.

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