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Hurricane Irma – Please Stay Safe Everybody!

I’m reading that this may be the largest evacuation in the history of USA.

An estimated 5.6 million people have been ordered to leave. I’m currently writing this from my apartment, which is not in an evacuation area, but I’m a little nervous about the roof blowing off, and added to the equation is my pregnant wife, my son, and my daughter. If it was just me maybe I’d be comfortable riding out the storm in the apartment. But given the circumstances, we will be heading to our local shelter either tonight or early tomorrow morning.

We are packing up our gear now. In the Tampa Bay area, where I am located, officials are saying wherever you are tomorrow morning around 10am or 11am is where you are going to stay because the winds will be arriving shortly after. I’d prefer to sleep in my own bed tonight but I don’t want the shelter to fill up. So I will be keeping my eye on it. If it looks like it will be hitting capacity I’ll have to head on over with my family.

It’s crazy to me, looking out the window and seeing a beautiful and sunny day, that a hundred years or so ago I would have no idea this storm was coming. I’d think it was just another day at the beach, no different than any other day. Anyway, fellow Floridians, make sure you have your plan in place. Stay smart, stay safe.

UPDATE: Well, my family and I made it through. We went to the shelter Friday night and left Sunday morning. My apartment and car were unaffected by the storm and I am very grateful for that. It appears most people made it through okay but those in the Keys got hit hard. Obviously, there has been a lot of damage, but since Floridians are amazing people I suspect that Florida will bounce back quickly and stronger than ever.

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