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Happy New Year From The Florida Explorer!

Well, happy New Year from the Florida Explorer!

There are many great options to bring in the New Year in Florida. On the beach, at Busch Gardens (I did this for 2015 and it was AWESOME!), the other Florida theme parks, one of Florida’s many fine restaurants, a South Beach club (Yeah! Although I admit that I will probably never pursue this NYE option), on an amazing cruise ship that sails from one of Florida’s ports (I brought in the New Year three times this way…I used to work on the ships).

I was planning on doing NYE at LEGOLAND this year…but I failed to check when my year passes expired. They expired a few weeks ago. Whoops. Anyway, I am not renewing the LEGOLAND passes this year so I decided to take in the 2018 at home, which is absolutely okay, as I have two kids and wife pregnant with twins. We will be plenty content to stay at home. (Not renewing my passes is nothing against LEGOLAND. LEGOLAND is awesome. Just with twins being born this year I doubt that we will be traveling to Orlando often enough to justify renewing the passes for 2018.)

Anyway, I’m rambling. So, let’s get to the point.

Heading into a New Year it is hard not to reflect on 2017 and consider what I want 2018 to look like. So, as far as my wins this year I have two that I am quite proud of.

  1. I published my first book. I’ve been wanting to publish a book for a long time. Not only that, it reached #1 Bestseller status on Amazon in the Tampa category. I mean, it’s not quite the same as, say, a #1 NY Times bestseller, but I’m still very proud of the accomplishment.
  2. I bought a townhome. I managed to scrape together enough money to move my family out of our rickety apartment and into a beautiful townhome. It’s one of my finer moments! Yeah!

Looking forward to 2018…there’s a lot I want to do. And, of course, I have to acknowledge that I am a mere man and many things are out of my control, however, I like to be optimistic and plan as if things will go well in 2018.

  1. Take care of my new babies! I have twins on the way that will be here Feb/Mar and I have a number of things that I still have to do to get their nursery ready. I’m not exactly swimming in cash so I have to obtain cribs, mattresses, etc…as financially smart as I can.
  2. Write 100 new articles for the Florida Explorer! I’ve realized that this blog is never going to reach what it deserves to be if I am not prolifically producing articles. Writing 100 new articles will almost double the content on this blog, which would be super cool, there are about 103 articles at the time of this writing, so, yeah, it would almost be doubled.
  3.  I want to launch my dropshipping store (I’ll explain this more in a future article, I’m sure). I’ve been fiddling with this business for almost two years and still don’t have it 100% whipped into shape. So this year I’ve got to get this thing finished. If it works, it means it will produce income and will therefore free up more time for my to diligently work on this blog. If it doesn’t work, well, then I just shut it down and move on.
  4. I need to desperately get into shape. I mean, I’m embarrassed to look at myself naked in the mirror. So, I’m gonna commit myself to getting in shape (WOW! What an original New Year’s resolution!!!) with the aim of completing the 2019 Florida Ironman (Whoa! Long swim, long bike ride, then run a marathon). It’s set at the end of November, so I have just short of two years to get trained up. I’ve been wanting to cross this off my to-do list for a very long time and realize I’m not getting any younger.
  5. Number five is a bonus thing. I want to publish book #2. I’m about 1/8 of the way through it, but I have already outlined a super ambitious 2018 (not to mention that I have a normal, demanding day job to attend to) so this will be a bonus thing if I finish it.

Anyway, as far as the above things are concerns, the only thing that really matters for the blog is those articles, so I will get typing on those things ASAP and consistently throughout the year. I have a lot of great ideas for articles and am very excited. Yeah!

Well, I hope all of you have an amazing New Year full of awesome Florida Exploring. Yay!


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