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Fun Lan Drive-In Theater Tampa Bay

The Fun Lan is Tampa’s last old school drive-in theater and is my favorite place to catch a movie. It’s cheaper than going to a mega cinema and has a lot more leg room.

Quick Info:
2302 E Hillsborough Ave, Tampa, FL 33610
Admission: Adults $7 | Kids $2 | Ages 0-4 are FREE (Ages for “Adult” and “Child” are not specified.)
Hours: Varies, first movie usually starts at 7:00pm. Second movie around 9:00pm. On weekends there is sometimes an 11:20pm show
Website: Their Official Facebook Page is the best place to get the latest info

The first time I went here was with a friend. I had no idea the place existed. But when I got there I quickly realized that it was my favorite place in the world to see a movie. Sure, the screens are kinda beat up. Sure, the picture quality isn’t the best. Sure, the restrooms look like they haven’t been cleaned in a month. But where else can you set up lawn chairs and blankets on parking lot asphalt to watch the latest films? Nowhere, that’s where.

Plus, since we had our families there, it was nice that the kids can jump around and play with toys when they get bored of the movie without being disruptive to other moviegoers.

There are 4 screens at the theater. There are two main large screens and they are the best. The other two screens are a bit smaller but usually have smaller crowds as well. Each screen has a radio frequency that you need to tune into in order to hear the movie.

It’s my dream, after I get super-duper rich for inventing something, to put in a massive, killer sound system in my car for the sole purpose of going to the Fun Lan drive in theater. Oh yeah, it will be awesome and everybody will be invited to hang out with the killer sound system. Yes! I can’t wait!

In the meantime, if you live in the Tampa Bay area, you should check this place out. I only recommend it for the locals. If you are from out of town, there’s other bigger and better things to check out first such as Clearwater Beach or Busch Gardens.

Drive-In-TampaPhoto Credit: Flea Market at Fun-Lan by marianne muegenburg cothern

Photo used under the Creative Commons 2.0 Licensing Agreement

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