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Free Busch Gardens Preschool Card For 2018

Great News! Busch Gardens Tampa Bay announced that there is a 2018 Preschool Card. Here’s the details.

The Busch Gardens Preschool Card is available for children that are ages 0-5 and are Florida residents. The card is FREE and provides free entry to the park for all of 2018. Also, the Preschool Card works for SeaWorld too!

All you have to do is go to the Busch Gardens website and “purchase” the Preschool Card. The final checkout cost will be zero and you will be provided with a voucher.

Then you have to go to the Busch Gardens ticket counter with your voucher, your child’s birth certificate or passport, and your Florida ID and you will be provided with the Preschool Card!

This offer must be redeemed by May 20,2018.

If you already have the SeaWorld Preschool Card, Busch Gardens has been added to it automatically. There is no need to take any additional action.

Even if your child turns 6 tomorrow, as long as you redeem the offer today when your child is still 5 the pass will be valid for the entire 2018 season.

Children 2 and under always get free access to Busch Gardens. However, if you child will be turning 3 this year you should definitely get the Preschool Card now while it is available so you won’t be paying for your child later.

Thanks for reading!

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