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Dinosaurs Alive!

I was able to go through Lowry Park Zoo’s animatronics dinosaur display several times over the course of its run. It’s gone now, but I have some pictures and video and thought it would be a waste not to share, as this is a blog that aims at documenting every fun thing to do in Florida.

In some of the video you will hear me talking with a boy. That boy is my son, Max. He loves dinosaurs and thought I was the greatest dad in the world for taking him. On a side note, hearing myself speak I never knew my voice sounded so goofy. Oh, well, what can a guy do? [Update: there is currently no video because I’m not sure how to post video yet. I will have it posted once I get the tech stuff figures out]

Thanks for stopping by and I appreciate everybody who has shared this blog with their friends and family. I have noticed a little uptick in traffic. It’s really my hope that this blog turns into an amazing resource for all my fellow Florida Explorers. I guess what I’m saying is I get encouraged when I see people are visiting and that gives me the motivation to keep writing new articles. So, anyway, thanks everybody!Crushed-Truck





If you want more dinosaurs then you should check out my Dinosaur World article.

Here’s what you should do if you are looking for deals for Lowry Park Zoo:

  • If you are in the Tampa Bay area the absolute best way to do the zoo is getting the annual pass.
  • If you are visiting from out of town and won’t be back anytime soon, you should either look for the latest Groupons or you should consider the Tampa Bay City Pass, which basically includes admission to Tampa’s greatest hits.
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