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Day Trip: Tampa Bay Lightning

The Tampa Bay Lightning is the region’s professional ice hockey team. Established in 1992, it has found an unlikely home with a huge, die-hard fan base and is easily Tampa Bay’s most popular sports team.

Here is a Tampa Bay Lightning pump up video featuring their unofficial franchise song, Thunderstruck by AC/DC:

The Tampa Bay Lightning (also known as The Bolts, which in my humble opinion sounds cooler than The Lightning. I’m probably not the only one who thinks that as The Lightning sometimes plays with jerseys that say Bolts on it. Yup. Continuing now with that original sentence) play in the National Hockey League and are in the Atlantic Division. They are named the Lightning because Tampa is often considered the Lightning Capital of North America (we really do get a lot of lightning during the summer months).

Anyway, I’ve had the pleasure of taking in Lightning games on several occasions, from sitting a few feet behind the glass and watching the players get their faces mushed into it to sitting all the way in the absolute last row. I love the immense energy that is in the arena every time I attend; the fans are amazing and the excitement is palpable. It almost feels like I’m attending a rock concert as opposed to a hockey game.

The Lightning play at the Amelia Arena which is in downtown Tampa. That means, before and after the game, there are still tons of cool places to go and check out, whether you want to take the trolley to Ybor City or go on over to Channelside.

If you are looking for a genuine Tampa Bay experience, going to a Lightning game and then hitting up some of the local watering holes is a good way to do that! I can highly recommend checking out a Lightning game! Go Bolts!

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