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Day Trip: LEGOLAND Florida

This post is kinda gonna be a reflection on my first year with LEGOLAND and will also give the typical daytrip info I include on these daytrip posts. Yeah!

Quick Info:
Location: 1 Legoland Way, Winter Haven, FL 33884
Admission: $79.00 Adult | $74.99 Child (Online prices. Prices are much more expensive at the gate. So make sure you BOOK YOUR TICKETS ONLINE!!!)
Hours: Varies by day and season
Phone: 888-690-5346
Website: https://www.legoland.com/florida/

First, some LEGOLAND stats:

  • Opened on October 15, 2011, making it the youngest major theme park in Florida.
  • The park is composed of 145 acres.
  • Built on the site of the old Florida attraction, Cypress Gardens, and many of the elements from Cypress Gardens still exist, such as the amazingly huge garden on Eloise Lake.
  • LEGOLAND insists that the word LEGOLAND be in all CAPS.
  • And here’s a fun LEGOLAND commercial from 2015:

The target audience for LEGOLAND is 2-12 years old, although a 33 year old like me can have a blast too, but the key to me having a blast is doing the coasters and whatnot with my 6 year old son. Even though the coasters and major rides are very cool in their own right; they are scaled down a bit, less scary, and tailored for younger children, as opposed to the enormous and terrifying coasters and rides that can be found at Busch Gardens and Universal Studios.

LEGOLAND has various themed sections, such as a LEGO Kingdom with a medieval theme, The World of Chima, and Miniland USA which is a huge, super-cool village of famous buildings, cities, and monuments from around the USA built with LEGOS. It’s pretty amazing stuff, really.

My favorite ride at LEGOLAND is the Dragon Roller Coaster which starts in a castle. The ride slowly pulls through life-size, goofy LEGO scenes of legendary medieval times, including a wizard and a big dragon. Then it heads outside, up a hill, and through a bunch of fast twists and turns which my son finds delightful. The first time he went on the ride I had to bribe him by saying I would buy him a LEGO toy if he went on it. He wasn’t so sure, but after he went on it he wanted to go on it 3-4 more times in a row and then he wanted to go on the other roller coasters too.




One of my favorite areas to wander was actually the old Cypress Gardens. There are tons of beautiful flowers and arrangements and an enormous Banyan tree that started life in a 5 gallon bucket in 1939.


The LEGOLAND water park costs a few extra bucks to get into to, but it is well worth it. There are, of course, a number of fun waterslides, a wave pool, a giant water playhouse for the kids, and a lazy river that has giant LEGO pieces floating in it that you can connect to your tube!

I’ve had a blast over the course of 2017 with my year pass! I will certainly get a new annual pass in the future. Right now though, my wife and I are expecting twins in Feb/Mar and I don’t expect many day trips coming up that will lead us to LEGOLAND. I see many diapers in my future. In the meantime, get out there and enjoy LEGOLAND Florida. I highly recommend it and I barely skimmed the surface of what the park has to offer in this little article!

Photo Credits: Lego Kingdoms Legoland Florida by RangeRick | Styracosaurus and Coastersaurus Legoland Florida by RangerRick | Lake Eloise Legoland Florida by hyku | Cypress Gardens Legoland Florida 2 by Nathan F

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