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I was lucky enough to squeeze in the year’s last night of dancers, stilt walkers, sand art, music, bright lights, and extended hours. As an added bonus it stormed most of the day, cleared (if a bit overcast) in the late afternoon, which kept the crowds away and the lines short.

I’ve never attended the celebration, usually opting for Busch Garden’s Summer Nights, Lowry Park Zoo, or Clearwater Beach. But I promised my son the waterpark, so we went and it just so happened to be the last Island Night celebration.

It turned out to be the most fun I’ve ever had Adventure Island:


Sorry for the lack of pictures, but it is the waterpark after all. Not very conducive to electronic equipment.

The sand art above was under a tent, so the storm waters couldn’t get to it. You could watch a sand artist work on it throughout the day and progress from a heap of sand to what you see above. Very cool to see.

If you missed Island Nights you can still experience the last week of Busch Garden’s Summer Nights celebration, which ends August 16, 2015.


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