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About Me

Welcome to the Florida Explorer!

My name is Austin and I love Florida. This blog is a fun little project for me to write about this great state and all the fun things there are to do. It also forces me to get out there and explore, because honestly, this blog wouldn’t be any fun to read if it had to do with all things that I can see from my sofa.

I’m not an expert on Florida, but I love exploring it. There’s a lot to see and I hope this blog inspires others to get out there to explore too. The other interest I think this blog holds for others is that it talks about how to travel Florida on a budget, because frankly, I’m on a budget. So you won’t find 5 star hotel recommendations here, but rather ways in which to stretch that dollar, cut costs, and see tons. In short, spend less see more.

I live in the Tampa area so most of the focus is around there, but I do hope that as this blog gains steam I’ll have the means to stretch my exploring a bit further on a more regular basis. I’m a Busch Gardens regular, so you can expect lots of BG coverage. That’s about it. For any questions you can contact me at explore@thefloridaexplorer.com. I’m here to help.

Happy exploring!