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2018 SeaWorld Pass Member Rewards! Yeah!

Yesterday, we covered the 2018 BG passholder rewards, and now we proceed with SeaWorld rewards!

JANUARY: FREE ticket for a friend. Yup, this is exactly what it sounds like. Requires you to reserve the ticket through your online pass member account.

FEBUARY: Two free Seven Seas sampling lanyard with online purchase. Since I’m not a SeaWorld regular, I’m not sure if this is a good deal or not. It depends on what the required “online purchase” costs.

MARCH: 25% off Quick Queue Unlimited and Signature Show Seating Package. The March pricing for the Quick Queue Unlimited and Signature Show Seating Package hasn’t yet been released. SeaWorld has released the February pricing, which reaches up to $38.00. It can be expected the March pricing will be even higher since that is spring break month. So 25% off could be a pretty good chunk and it will be worth it to zip by the long, long spring break lines.

APRIL: $60 pass exclusive annual PhotoKey Access Pass. I have no idea what that sentence means, but that’s what is listed as the April reward. I tried to read deeper into the SeaWorld fine print and found nothing that clarified that strange sentence. I think it means you can buy a PhotoKey pass for $60.

MAY: Free lanyard and pouch. Show your annual pass at the Shoppes at Waterfront to redeem.

JUNE: Free Quick Queue. Score! Pass members get to cut the line for free one time in June. Must reserve online before going to the park.

JULY: Get a free $10 to spend on select merchandise at the Electric Glow.

AUGUST: $10 for dining at a SeaWorld restaurant. (Does not include all restaurants). I will take free food any day of the week!

SEPTEMBER: FREE BEER!!! Get one 12oz draft beer. One per day. Which means if you visit SeaWorld everyday in September you can get 30 free beers. Nice.

OCTOBER: $5 Spooktacular Trick-or-Treat Bag. Sounds like a discount. Not sure how much this normally costs.

NOVEMBER: 30% Off Beluga and Walrus Up-Close Tour. This could be fun. I love looking at the Beluga whales. Very interesting looking creatures.

DECEMBER: 2 Free Christmas Tasting & Brew Sampler Punches with online purchase. This sounds like you get a little extra if you buy stuff online.

Also, don’t forget the powers the pass possesses year round, such as free parking, 10% off on merchandise and food and drink inside the park, invites to special events and more! Yeah!

Also, SeaWorld tends to drop a few extra rewards throughout the year. In the past they have given out free entry to Busch Gardens Tampa and to Aquatic.

If you don’t have a SeaWorld Member Pass, then head on over to SeaWorld Orlando’s website and check it out!

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Thanks for reading and I hope to see you out there!

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