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2018 Busch Gardens Pass Member Rewards! Yeah!

One of my favorite things about starting a new year is checking out the BG passholder rewards and it looks good!

JANUARY: Purchase a souvenir cup for $5.00. I’m pumped about this. My souvenir cup dates back to 2013 and while it works wonderfully, I’m sick of sharing it with others. Now I can get everybody their own cup! The day you buy the cup you get free refills, which is awesome! Then after that you get 99 cent refills on your subsequent BG visits as long as you have the cup (and don’t forget that you also get 10% off on all park purchases if you are an annual passholder). So don’t miss out on getting your $5.00 cup.

FEBUARY: $10.00 Busch Gardens bucks! Yeah! Get a free $10.00 to spend in the park! In year’s past, a passholder was required to log into their account to print out a from and then you had to go to the self-service kiosk outside the park to turn that form into a $10.00 coupon. I have a feeling BG has streamlined this (I hope) as they have updated their website and have made passholder accounts easier to navigate.

MARCH: Food and Wine Festival Sampler (Purchase Required)…this is kinda lame. I did this last year and I didn’t even get enough food to fill my belly, granted I do have a large appetite. Not worth it, unless they price it aggressively.

APRIL: Food and Wine Festival Sampler (same as above) and $5 off a $25 purchase or $10 off a $40 purchase.

MAY: $10 off All-Day-Dining Deal! This is normally $34.00 Adult and $19.99 Child (child price is only eligible for the kid meals). You get 1 entrée, side or dessert, and soft drink or bottled water once per hour at Zagora Café, Serengeti Overlook Café, Kenya Kanteen, Sheikra Eats, Bengal Bistro, Dragon Fire Grill, and Zambia Smokehouse. So, just $24 to absolutely stuff my face? Heck yeah! Oh yeah, I forgot to mention this also includes buy one get one BEER (or wine, soda, or snacks if that’s your thing).

JUNE: FREE BEER SAMPLES!!! (must be 21 and over) and a free pass member lanyard. Yup, this looks like a throw back to the good old BG days when there were always free beer samples. I’m unsure at this time if you only get to do this one time for the month of June or every time you visit during the month of June. I will be sure to find out.

JULY: Buy one adult entrée, get 50% off another adult entrée. Only after 5:00pm…this one is kinda lame.

AUGUST: Pass Member exclusive special event sampler (purchase required). I’m not sure exactly what this means yet and I don’t know what the special event is. Time will tell.

SEPTEMBER: $10 Busch Gardens Bucks and 1 free visit to Adventure Island (the waterpark that is across the street from BG. It’s a decent waterpark). I will take the ten bucks, thank you very much. I’m already an Adventure Island pass member because I added it to my BG pass, but this will be a great perk for those who have not added the waterpark to their passes.

OCTOBER: Bring two friends for $30 each (pretty good deal, but not valid for Howl-O-Scream). And a free reusable shopping bag.

NOVEMBER: 50% off the Serengeti tour. This is usually about $29.00. So, this would come to $14.50 for the 30 minute tour.

DECEMBER: Free BG Christmas Ornament. These are usually pretty cute and I have a nice collection going on now! It’s become part of my Christmas tradition.

And don’t forget, your annual pass has other superpowers too that work year round including free parking, 10% off on BG purchases (includes food and drink), invites to special passholder events, discounted guest tickets, 50% off Howl-O-Scream tickets, and a free guest ticket during your birthday month.

BG usually drops a few more rewards throughout the year. Sometimes they’ll give all passholders a free SeaWorld Orlando visit, for example, which they just did a couple weeks ago (from the time of this writing).

If you live in Tampa Bay and don’t have a BG annual pass…what are you waiting for?!! Busch Gardens is awesome and the value you get with the pass is amazing! Go check out the Busch Gardens website for info on the annual pass, and as a special bonus for being one of my readers, if you order BG passes or tickets through my links I’ll send you my #1 bestselling book, The Florida Explorer’s Guide To Busch Gardens, for free. Yeah! Pretty awesome, right? This guidebook, in my humble opinion, is the best BG guide that is currently on the market, and I say that not just because it was me that wrote it. I saw that because it was painstakingly researched and I drew on my years of experience touring the park, and also the main stream guidebooks tend to gloss over Busch Gardens for some reason, sometimes only dedicating two freakin’ pages to cover the entire park. To learn more about getting a free copy of my book I wrote a whole post right here explaining the details.

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Thanks for reading and I hope to see you out there!

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