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2018 Aquatica Member Rewards! Yeah!

Aquatica, SeaWorld’s waterpark, has some pretty good passholder rewards in store for 2018.

JANUARY: $5 Souvenir Cup. So, confession time: I have not yet been to Aquatica (this glaring problem will be fixed. Promise!). So, that means I am going to assume the souvenir cup works the same way it does at Busch Gardens, which is owned by SeaWorld Parks who owns Aquatica. The souvenir cup is good for free refills all day on the day you buy it and is good for 99 cent refills on future visits to the park as long as you bring the cup with you.

FEBUARY: FREE ticket for a friend. Yeah! Doesn’t get much better than that!

MARCH: $5 off one time dine and $10 off All-Day Dine at Banana Beach. Woohoo! Food!

APRIL: One Free Quick Queue. Yup, you get to cut the line one time in April. Choose wisely!

MAY: $10 Aquatica Shirt. I probably wouldn’t spend $10 on an Aquatica t-shirt, not unless it turns out to be really, really awesome.

JUNE: 20% off swim lessons. I’m assuming kids are the target audience for this. If you have kids, I suggest DIY by watching some YouTube videos about swim lessons and then splashing around with your kid. It will save you some cash and give you some bonding time. Unless you are a really bad swimmer, then you should probably just sign your kid up for swim lessons with somebody that knows what they are doing.

JULY: $15 Aquatica Towel…better be a good towel.

AUGUST: FREE Quick Queue to Whanau Way! (But you only get this if you sign up for the cashless wristband. I’m not sure if that costs money or not.)

SEPTEMBER: FREE BEER!!! YEAH!!! Get one free 12oz beer daily. That means, if you visit everyday in September, that you can get 30 free beers.

OCTOBER: 20% off at Mango Market, Banana Beach, and Waterstone Grill.

NOVEMBER: Bring up to two friends for $25 each. Not bad.

DECEMBER: $10 holiday gifts. Basically, you get $10 to buy some Aquatica merchandise. Nice!

Well, there you go. Not too shabby!

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