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2018 Adventure Island Member Rewards! Yeah!

The waterpark rewards aren’t as good as the Busch Gardens rewards. But, hey, there’s some discounted stuff.

MARCH: $10 off adult All-Day Dining Deal. The 2018 prices for the All-Day Dining Deal aren’t posted yet, but it’s gonna be $10 off of whatever that price is going to be. A lot of food can be eaten over the course of the day…

APRIL: Souvenir Cup for $5 and 20% off Quick Queue. The Souvenir Cups are awesome. Get unlimited refills the day you buy it and 99 cent refills on future visits as long as you have the cup with you.

MAY: 20% off shopping and dining. If there is a particular souvenir your had your eye on, May would be the month to buy it in.

JUNE: Free sunglass strap. Free is free.

JULY: Buy one and then get one 50% off snacks. Does not include Dippin’ Dots. Bummer.

AUGUST: Bring up to two friends for $25 each. OR bring two friends for $25 each but charge them $30 each. You know, bills to pay and all that.

SEPTEMBER: $10 off adult All-Day Dining Deal and 50% off cabanas, loungers and chickee huts. I’ve never really been into renting cabanas at a waterpark. It would be nice for the afternoon thunderstorms though.

OCTOBER: Same as September.

Well, there you go. I like adding Adventure Island to my Busch Gardens pass because it doesn’t really cost that much more. And I am happy to receive a few more rewards. As always, if you have the annual pass you get free parking and 10% off park purchases. If you have no idea what Adventure Island is, click on over to my Adventure Island article.

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