When is Falcon’s Fury going to open? falcon's fury

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Every time I go to Busch Gardens I take in the view of a single dormant tower called Falcon’s Fury. It was supposed to open in the beginning of May. I even entered the Facebook competition, in anticipation, to be chosen as one of the first to ride, and now, halfway through the summer it still hasn’t opened! I simply don’t know if I can wait any longer! Continue reading

Temple Terrace: Fireworks, Golf, Uniqueness Temple_Terrace_Golf_and_Country_Club

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This year I celebrated the 4th in Temple Terrace, a Tampa city. Best known for the University of South Florida and for golf. Originally, the city was designed in the 1920s as a Mediterranean style community for wealthy northerners who wanted to play golf. The main place to be then as well as now is the Temple Terrace Golf and Country Club, which boasts a course practically unchanged since 1925 when it hosted the elite Florida Open. Continue reading

My new dirt cheap hobby: the Florida State League minor_league_baseball_logo1

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Minor League baseball is my new favorite thing to do in Florida. The games are competitive, empty, and dirt cheap to get into. It’s great. Since I’m in the Tampa area I’ve been going to the Tampa Yankee games, which (as you may have guessed) is the minor league team affiliated with the New York Yankees—in fact, the Tampa Yankees play in the same stadium New York Yankees use for spring training. Continue reading

Siesta Key Beach: Another #1 Florida Beach! photo by Dough4872

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I find it funny how many beaches in Florida hold the title of #1 beach. But I looked it up and it’s true. It has three awards under its belt:

  • The Whitest and Finest Sand in the World—The Great International Beach Challenge, 1987
  • The Best Sand Beach in America—The Travel Channel, 2004
  • The Best Beach in America—Dr. Beach, 2011

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I Went On An African Safari Across the Plains of Central Florida (And How You Can Too) IMG_2254

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Like most men, I’ve always dreamed about embarking on an African Safari. Following native guides down footpaths, stooping low in tall grass, overlooking large and dangerous animals feeding on the plain. Afterwards, we’d jump back in the Jeep and head back to camp, swapping tales of adventure and of our great feats. Yup, that sounds pretty awesome. And now, thanks to Safari Wilderness Ranch, it’s possible to get a taste of that at a fraction of the price. Sound Good? Read on. Continue reading

Conner Preserve: What could go wrong? A multi-use "hiking" and "biking" trail. A couple miles of this is supposed to lead to "hiking-only" trails. I never found out.

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I found the unmarked entrance off of 52 after doubling back. It was marked only by a sign that said: “R/C Flying Field—Home of Bay City Flyers.” I pulled in and was greeted by a closed gate, luckily, there were parking spots to the left. I parked the car and got out. The air was fresh, the sun was bright, and I was excited: 16 miles of hiking trails and nearly 3,000 acres of unadorned nature awaited me. What could go wrong?  Continue reading